March 9, 2017 Daily Insights

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Neurogenic state switch sound or light. Reverse the switch.
We need healing because we aren’t playing.

Mania as failed attempts to play. Treatment is to trick us back into this old tricks of societies meaningless meanings .

If we were on our original childlike learning playful trajectory would we need healing?

We don’t need supervision we have super vision.


Suppressed mediumship. We are the mediums ship. The vehicle of life. We translate life. We have the wrong meaning. Then we need healing from wrong meaning. If we weren’t programmed with wrong meanings would we need healing. Only perception, to see what things really mean, moments to moment to make sense with our senses.

Insight is a deprogramming language.
Profoundly crazy

Stream is fun to play in but a raging river is scary.

High quality sound?  The self is low quality in sound.
Sound of ego voice turned up. More brain capacity to hearing this inwardly. Like putting blindfold on ears. Noise turns down inside on what we think is happening, must increase vision to see what is happening in order to respond cuz not responding according to programming.
When we hear a sound on the outside, we look around to determine what it is. When we have old sounds of thoughts, we think we have already figured it out. These sounds prevent listening with our eyes and ears, our whole being, in the present. The current light, is a current of learning delight. Can we stream learning instead of streaming thought? Thought is dead streaming, superimposing the old over the new and limiting it to our level of comfort or discomfort.

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