Reducing Reliance on Psych Medications Guide by Ron Unger

Published on September 11, 2017 under coming off

I recently discovered Ron Unger as he will be in my area giving a 2 day workshop.  I am pleasantly surprised by his website and views and that he will be presenting to mental health workers and clinicians.  This is huge!

He has a great guide for therapist who want to help their clients reduce reliance on psychiatric medications.  It’s very comprehensive and well structured, two of the things I suck at doing.

Here is a quote from the beginning of Ron’s post to give the flavour of the genius you are in store for:

Frame problems as more than just medical:  From the outset, never frame psychological problems as a “biochemical imbalance” or specifically as a brain problem.  When people are trained to “blame their brain” or “blame biochemistry” for their problems, they tend to see themselves as being helpless to do anything to improve things for example by changing thoughts or behavior.  This leaves the client feeling very dependent on medications.  Better explanations point out we don’t know all of what causes mental or emotional problems or how they manifest in the brain, but we do know that people can influence what happens in their brain, changing biochemistry and even the structure of the brain due to what they chose to think and do (neuroplasticity.)”

I often wonder why all other brains are said to be neuroplastic, except for people with mental illness diagnoses.  Bring on the neuroplasticity dialogue for labelled people!!

I will give an update when I see him speak at the workshop 🙂

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