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Physiognomy The image is the reaction

Education as programming meaningless meanings
Develop language 

Will words destroy humanity 

First there was the word

Last there was the word

Using words to share or divide

Projecting is innately fearful because it’s not accurate thought it says it is.
I can say show less news and it will occupy less. I will see less headlines. I want to see heart lines.
This language is infinite. Infinite seeing.
Can we see infinity, the undefined.  

The game is infinity.
That’s all going on within each of us and if we can end that (the violence/conflict inside).
We try to end it through psychosis and a psychiatrist makes it worse. I ended it myself.
Movement is communication. Sometimes movement produces sounds, and sound also implies movement. Thought is an efficiency of communication that is. It’s no longer efficient. We could call to each other if there was danger. Now we are always calling out danger on the inside against each other. 
Movement, change we call time. There is only movement-communication.
Mania as increase capacity to communicate.
Be the best version of yourself instead of a perversion of yourself.
Speaking new meanings to create new meaning. The world crisis is a crisis of meaning. Make meaning not take meaning.
Our growth and learning never stops subconsciously and all other choices run parallel as we move along. We can jump to those realities.
Spirituality is feeling meaning states where as MAP is a flux of meaning and speaking as that.
The children don’t want to communicate with us.
Being our best self vs. communicating as this, as the moment. Best self is confusing.

There is only communication, not how to communicate.  Movement is communication.  When the past as still is silent, something else can been communicated.

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