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Transformational perception.

We are all born with the manic map.
I’m a crazy person, I can do anything.
My meanings aren’t the truth generally but they are the truth for me.
Difference maker. Same maker. Seeing the sanity in insanity.
Manic superpowers. How to stay humble.
Use your memory of mania as vision casting.
Is this something I did in mania?
Transmania. Transformania.
Imagination – vision

Will of the Universe for all
Mania shifts your perception of you. There is no division.
Help people access the meaning making perception. We don’t need particular meanings and reasons but a flux and flow of them. That is what is already happened and we don’t need will for that to be a fact. Choiceless awareness. Manic awareness.
Share meanings and perceptions.

Flow is choiceless awareness. There is no time to choose or think when falling in gravity. The senses take over besides ego sense.
The force of consciousness, or field of consciousness is like gravity. If you are on a mountain and take a step you will go down by gravity. If you are in the consciousness of love and take a step, it will be with love and with gestures of love. This animates us like gravity helps to animate us. We dance with gravity and with consicousness. 
We have 10000 hours of thoughts and societal structures as images and sound reels programmed in our neurology.
Being skilled at unfulfillment. 
The brain is starving for the sounds of seeing. Like awe. Seeing beauty.
The me is conflict.
The flow state as the algorithm of life. They sell it back to us after it’s been written over.
The living quality of the brain and then as it dies back to the dead world of thought it feels like it is dying and experiences the relative congruent images of fear and terror. This must be fearless

That shame experience was a test of my fearlessness. 
Thought is limitation and MAP consciousness is unlimited.
The energy of living and the energy of thought. Thought as a limiter. 
The MAP consciousness muscle is getting used to carrying complexity. It’s a complexity algorithm. We as humans must see it. We are responsible. See the complexity of this celebration. Where is it safe to celebrate?
I want to share what appears to me with my peers.
I restore the vision of labelled people.

I relanguage mental health.
The new currency is perception-action in beauty.
The beauty would learn the language of all that is not beautiful. Become allergic to thought. Allergic to the me. The universe is having an autoimmune reaction to thought. Autistic brains are inflamed by thought. They are progressing fine and when the thought programming mechanism gets turned on they react.
Dopamine is the genetic switch, it is the me.
That which sees through our eyes is beauty itself. 
The me is cis consciousness. The contraction. It contracts consciousness like muscles contract. It contracts the braincells in a cis structure. Fear and attachment as dopamine.
The me, the who with think we are, is our story. It has nothing to do with reality. It prevents us from creating. It’s static sound that prevents moving with life. A different harmony that creates different sound that sounds the same but is coming from a different reality-energy.
Our nervous system molting holograms.
Can only last in MAP for X amount of time, like LSD.
Read K volume 10 quote
We do project holograms from our nervous system.
As the me dies the brain becomes alive. Thought deadens the brain.
The thought-image algorithm is the hologram. That’s why it seems the brain works on holographic principles. It’s how we’ve been programed to react. It’s the brain reacting instead of creating. Creating is quantum. We live in our holograms. Dirty light. Light made dirty by past projection. Premature collapsing of the wave function by the old hologram.
“You become the quantum” Dhyan Vimal

“Don’t make me into a person”

“Have you started singing yet?”
The art of forgetting.

The most important thing is forgetting.
They divide my love perfume. They can’t help it.
Psychosis dying to everything you’ve psychologically gathered. Do it everyday or die don’t accumulated psychologically.

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