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Psychosis as falling in consciousness and mania as levity, like a fresh water spring.
I don’t see any problems. Mania and psychosis are solutions for how we’ve been conditioned. The conditioning is the problem. How do we support those who go beyond conditioning?
As we move, we move the infinity we all share. Can we speak infinitely from infinity?
The game of society doesn’t seem

real compared with the game of beauty.
Look for that beauty which is beyond programs. Beauty can’t be programmed as beauty just is. When you see it, without naming it, you are beyond the word, in the flow of beauty. It’s choiceless awareness as it is infinite so when one is seeing as beauty, all is beauty, and there is no need to have an entity, a chooser to pick something. There are no things that a separate entity chooses. Anything we choose is not actually there. It’s just a program. Beauty can’t be programmed. We all have that beauty which can’t be programmed. Mania and psychosis is an allergic reaction to the non beauty of thought and programs. It’s okay to die into this beauty. Thought dies into beauty, emptiness. Don’t be afraid to be empty. Don’t be afraid of this emptying of the content of consciousness. It’s like pulling a plug on a drain and experiencing the whirlpool of thought drain through. The beauty is a magnet to unprocessed energies of the all. Since the beauty is of the all, the thought of all time also comes through. Don’t be disturbed. It’s like equilibrating ones ears during flight. Mania and psychosis is equilibrating thought for the all.

Beauty as color and shape. Words as talking about the movement of light as color and shape.
The sensitivity is to color hence the intensity of it. The sensitivity is to light hence more information. Need to increase the intensity to also increase subtle distinctions of seeing that language of beauty. Beauty is a different resonance than thought. The magic is from seeing and speaking from that place. The wisdom is in walking in both the realm or beauty and that of thought-programs. The programs become like buzzing bees flying by. If we react we are more likely to get stung.
Needs – beauty, silence, and healthy food.
I feel strong in the field of beauty. Beauty makes the nervous system go strong.

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