March 21, 2017 Daily Insights 

Published on September 21, 2017 under brain

When the noise of the NS is quiet, there is choiceless awareness. The noise is choice. The interference pattern of noise moves us out of contact with reality. Then we are in contact with the mind and it uses the brain to create itself.
My framework is my living body. That’s all I really have.
The sound of our voice moves us out of living reality. The light body reality. The sound creates matter.
Psychosis as choiceless awareness. I am the blade of grass. It’s the sense touching things, feeling things.
Knowing beyond cognition.
Sound coming out of the nervous system produces cortisol.
Being and doing something.
When one is in touch, the feedback is in relationship with living things. Reality is the feedback immediately. This is synchronicity, synchronizing with life. With what life, the totality wants.
Trying to synchronize in oneness. Not many are acting out of oneness. Bump into dual people.
In that state, what you’re looking at feels like your doing. Like driving cars outside a window. This is the feeling of perception is action is choiceless awareness.
Vitamins for choiceless awareness. We are aware of the “bad” in the world.
What happens to a person who goes into cardiac arrest depends on those around them. Same with people who go into nonduality arrest. Those in duality try to pull that person back into duality. Usually with meds. Rest by oneself.

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