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I’ve seen there possible self.
The language coming out of people’s eyes or hearts.
Life energy turned into thought which has no basis in reality so it turns in on itself. Words can’t meet life so they go back in circles. Where as life is related to life, thoughts have no relationship to life. Life energy created by life goes out to infinity, like the stars.
Sleep outside.
Thought as false integration.
We are the me most of the time and selfless a smidgeon. The mind is trying to get us to be the self less. Me less.
Technology as propagating language and separation. As opposed to learning the language of beauty. Can only learn by being in it.
Flow as flow of beauty. The meaning is in the action itself. The gestures-actions are the meaning, the algorithm, not the words as abstraction of these meaning. The thing doesn’t matter but what is your relationship to it. Do you approach it with beauty and relate with beauty. This is where you must self recognize. People can’t see this beauty.
MAP consciousness is an exercise in beauty. Exercising our beauty muscles gestures.
Beauty happens.
Reach out as beauty. The perfume.
To say we are nature, intellectually, without a felt sense of it and sensitivity to it, is meaningless. And if we are, to integrate nature we must understand our relationship to it. It we have no direct understanding, it is not integrated in our brain. When the mind uses the brain to start integrating nature, the immensity can short circuit the brain circuitry and this is exactly what is needed. To short circuit the me. When we get a glimpse of our relationship to the immensity, it starts a never ending unfolding of understanding of meaning of our relationship to it and as it. This is eternity. So, it’s scary to fall out of eternity and be engulfed back into the limitations of society. This imposed limitation is a pressure on the brain. It’s difficult not to go crazy. But as the understanding deepens, the immensity crowds out the me circuits in the brain. We need just enough me to take care of the body. The brain space and fluidity opens up. So this deepening understanding takes over the brain as perception. Now you see as the mind. Interesting I’m talking to myself. So now the brain is a relational organ. Playing the music of relationship. As that, we can speak as the relationship to nature and all of reality. This is how CKH spoke and I’d say how do you know that? Then we don’t need science as science is due to the separating ourselves from from nature with the way we use language, meeting nature and relationship with our preconceived notions of language structures which divides us from being in direct contact, the sound is the barrier, and the sound barrier we project prevents contact. Contact and relationship with nature allows us to speak as that relationship, as the moment.  
The math of this. The math of unrelationship. When you are related, anything is possible.
I want to be defective in reference to this defective society. The mind installed a new value system in my brain and it’s nothing to do with what I’ve been given through education and society. My brain can’t reintegrate into that and that’s a good thing.  
Beauty is the fuel.
My job is to harvest insights from the mind. My brain harvests Insights perceptions as it has a direct relationship with the mind, which is shared. It’s not my mind or my brain, but we use it that way. In the service of personal pleasure.
Translate this beauty. Math formula.
When the heart races, some sounds-thoughts are coming in to process.
MAP as vision correction. Quantum vision.
Agreeing vs aseeing.
Hints from nature. Thunder you can’t hear yourself think. Its the collective thinking of the moment being erased. And then we think about nature.
Say I mirror you, and drink water like the others do. Rely on gesture clues in actuality rather than thinking. Wait for the hint. A seeminder. 
The beauty perception is those lights I can see and the ants in the grass. That is the algorithm. ii2c_beauty
Thought is a type of dizziness of not looking at the now and giving voice to it. Language is not required most of the time.

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