Perception, Gesture

Published on September 30, 2017 under Beauty

Can you spend a day moving by what catches your eye, perception instead of being moved by thought programs.

Life creates words.  Words can’t create life, but they destroy it.  Most words are anti life.  This is our decomposer.  To compose words or decompose ourselves with our words.

We can’t hold meaning in our hand, but meaning moves our hands.  Meaning is a movement.  It moves us.  Can we be operated upon by meaning.

It’s not how do I figure out this magic, but how do I figure into it.  What part is doing and what is the happening?  How does the magic figure in to me?

This begs the question, what is the me?

And where is it?

And who is it?

Where does it really end?

Perhaps the me is more like a field of meaning that extends out to infinity.

With this comes tremendous responsibility.

Can we take responsibility for oneself, which is the whole world?

Can we see the whole world in one micro-gesture?  The ripple in all directions.

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