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That language is alive and always there.

Each moment is new beauty or old thought. What world do you live in?

When life speaks to us, it shows us how beautiful life is. Can we speak as this beauty and give voice to it?

Let’s MAP consciousness together.

How to make special messages unspecial. Give them to the whole, don’t cling on.

Perception changes to peripheral (Hawkins) to beauty.

The sound of thought is dangerous. We see this in so called psychosis.

Love is faster than the speed of light.

Language can help us map this, or hinder us.

Bohm: nature will respond in accordance with the theory with which it is approached.

Bohm: the undivided wholeness in flowing movement.

E = mc2 how to create energy is to have your clear light and the light of the world hit your matter?

There are neurons for new language

The quantum world exists. Doing the calculations for aviation is not the same as an airplane flying through the air.

I’m already speaking possibility. Uncensored not in the domain of being an expert. Speaking possibilities with language and the language of possibility.

See people light up.

Suicidal feelings because they feel powerless to live the kind of life they want to live (eCPR document).

Want to me thriving in mania part of the human experience.

The quantum brain talks about what’s possible and sees what’s possible. If you can see what’s possible, life becomes a different game.

Consciousness is in waves. Embodied mania is training to catch the wave to let the universe animate us. A consciousness tsunami is coming.

That energy is psycho active
Thought is psycho inactive. Thought is the activity of programs

Are we being tested for the release fro programs? Is this the tsunami. We come back because of compassion.

Prune the memes that do not serve the moment or unity.

By the time u put your interpretation on it, you’ve missed it.

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