The Pineal Gland and Super Powers

Published on October 6, 2017 under consciousness

I came across these two videos on the pineal gland. This first has some inspirational information about the pineal gland.

Did you know:

The pineal gland has photoreceptors like the retina of the eye?

And so much more.

One thing I think is funny is that they think we need technology to know about the pineal gland, when if it were active, we can know anything about anything at any moment. No technology needed. We seem to forget that we are the greatest technology in the known universe. Since we forget that, we make all these technologies that mimic what we can do without technology. We could access any reality, no virtual reality needed. It seems the powers that be create technologies, like water fluoridation, to make us believe that we need all these technologies. Our biological technology has been highjacked. Luckily, we can get it back.

The second video outlines how we can detox our pineal gland. I’m going to get myself some of that Haritaki powder and see what happens. I have been taking turmeric every day lately already.

Just beware of being diagnosed with a mental illness when you have an opening. Or if you have already been labelled, these videos might help to create some new context around what else it could be. If it’s not mental illness, what is it? Who knows, it’s a mystery that we can fear or wonder, learn about, and learn to move and participate with.

I love how in the first video a lady at the end says the first opening is a big blast but as time goes on we get used to it and it just feels normal. Perhaps this will one day be the norm for those of us who go into a state of spontaneous spiritual emergence.

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