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Published on October 12, 2017 under bipolar

At the 3.5 year mark of my journey after being labelled with a mental illness, Bipolar Disorder, I really started to humour the process of wondering what the heck it was all about.  The experiences I had in altered states of consciousness left a blueprint in my brain and being that I couldn’t forget.  I started writing down some musings and wonderings in short points.  I thought of turning it into a journal book of some kind.  I suck at editing and I’m good at forgetting what I was working on the previous day.  I find it in alignment with my brain to read it as audio.

The perspectives I share are old news at this point in time.  I’ve created new thinking and seeing along the way.

As I continue to think differently, see differently and engage with visions and wonder, many new perspectives emerge.  This process seems to be an infinite, never ending, positive feedback hologram.

I posted it on Soundcloud as well.

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Here it is.


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