The Schumann Resonance and Bipolar

Published on November 15, 2017 under altered states

I’m making up a little hypothesis about the Schumann Resonance and Bipolar as well as other Mental Illness symptoms.

The other day, I was sharing some of my bizarre experiences with someone, and they seemed to find it fascinating that my brain has tendencies towards things pushing the limits of what is called normal, whatever that is.  What does this have to do with the Schumann Resonance and Bipolar?  Well, he told me that to get grounded, I could listen to the pure Schumann Resonance.  What is the Schumann Resonance?  In short, it’s 7.83 Hz, which used to be the frequency of the Earth and nature.  I thought to myself, duh, why hadn’t I thought of that?

I was happy to hear this suggestion, especially since I have a little pocket device that generates the Schumann Resonance, why hadn’t I thought to listen to the Schumann Resonance for my Bipolar brain?  I’ve been thinking about the effects of sound on consciousness and the brain recently, so this goes with the theme of my current exploration.

I listened to the youtube video of the Schumann Resonance for probably 45 minutes, and when I took off the headphones, oddly enough I could hear a sound, and if I shook my head, it made a sound like warping metal.  This wore off after 5 minutes or so.  I’m curious to hear your experience if your brain stores and sound up in your brain.

In my daily experience, I sometimes here this slight sound that oscillates, like an energy field.  I used to live in a really busy area with traffic noise, so I took the sound to be the cars zooming by.  Since I’ve been in a quieter place, I still hear this sound sometimes.  I’m mentioning this because after I listened to the Schumann audio last night, I could hear this same sound I often here, but slightly louder.  I’m wondering if what I have been hearing all along IS the Schumann Resonance.

Another point on this is that, this sound seems to go along with an spin, or oscillation, that is congruent with the heartbeat.  I found that by sitting quietly, I noticed that my body would spin gently, and as my body was spinning perfectly with this circle, I could no longer feel my heartbeat.  This is because, the heart feels like it’s beating when we are still, and often we don’t feel it anyway.  By sitting and allowing this movement to move the body, it is seen that the energy is a circle, and when it “hits the nodes of the heart”, it energizes it.  This is hard to describe.

The reason I mention this is because recently, this circular energy has gone into other “Chakras” and is moving my pelvis in circles at times.  It’s actually kind of uncomfortable.  I then had an insight, and be warned, this is not science but direct wondering.  I noticed that this caused me to shift my weight from side to side.  To me, this could be a possible mechanism as to why some people, after they are diagnosed and medicated with certain medications, like antipsychotics, shift their weight from side to side and “shuffle” when they are standing.  This can happen in people labelled with Schizophrenia too.  I wonder if we are medicating the Schumann Resonance of the Earth.

There is possibly something going on with the Schumann Resonance and it’s oscillating energy field, as if we are getting back in touch with that very basic Earth energy and we were born into, and has changed up to 40+ Hz from 7.83 Hz.  I haven’t looked into why, but perhaps technology has something to do with it.  This is also congruent with how, when I am in altered states, I’m often very concerned with the planet.

One caution about listening to this audio.  I listened to it last night before going to bed.  Then, I put in my earplugs and laid down to go to sleep.  I noticed I could hear something.  It sounded a bit like parents arguing through a wall.  It was very faint and I couldn’t hear what was being said.  I couldn’t even hear if I was really hearing something.  I was labelled with Bipolar 1 six and a half years ago and I’ve NEVER heard voices, so I don’t identify as a voice hearer.  This gave me another strange hint that perhaps this frequent has something to do with creating voices.  Again, this is not science.  I’m sharing an observation and making a wild guess.  And this is part of the fun, exploration, adventure, journey of having the mental health label of Bipolar is that I can wonder and make inferences about the interesting things and phenomenon that happen in “my” consciousness (and perhaps yours) that may not easily happen in the majority of people without some kind of external/exogenous manipulation.  I prefer to always learn as opposed to making it into a terrible thing (though at times the suffering is vast).

So, since my Bipolar brain seems to store up some residual sound after listening to the Schumann Resonance, and I’m talking about the cool metal warping/oscillating sound, does this mean the brain can store up extra sound?  Does the Schumann Resonance have something to do with creating extra sound in the brain in some?  Is it a circular energy field that moves us from side to side?  What is this energy field trying to tell us?  I feel that part of it has to do with the fact that we are nature and have moved so far away from it that it is now re-enveloping us.  What does nature want us to do?

Perhaps for those that are voice hearers, the Schumann Resonance will lesson the voices?  I say this because I don’t hear voices and listening to this made me feel like I was hearing subtle voices.  Also, since this resonance is nature, perhaps getting back to nature will acknowledge that which the energy is.  It’s nature.

Here is the Schumann Resonance audio.  Listen with headphones.  Perhaps start with a small dose.  If anything weird happens, in my experience, it wears off shortly.


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