Nuts About Melons Audio Bipolar Episode 1

Published on November 16, 2017 under audio


Why is there such a thing as “too happy?”, I ask myself.  This is a relevant question in my experience as, I have been diagnosed with “too happy at times disorder” or Bipolar Disorder.  It all started 7 years ago, and recently, I have taken the time to reflect on some of my experience.  This isn’t necessarily necessary, yet it’s part of the way the experience unfolds.

You may have heard that sometimes people with Bipolar talk really fast.  In order to talk fast, we must have many words to say and think that they are important to be said outloud.  Though I don’t speak in super speed, I do however have many words to say and feel that they are important to be said, at least at the time.  On second listen, I’m not sure about the relevance or quality of the content spewing from my Bipolar brain, but it is from Bipolar subjectivity.

That brings me to my next point.  Disclaimer!  This is for “entertainment” purposes only.  This is not medical advice.  Consult your doctor for medical advice.  This is lived experiential perspectives of one Bipolar person.  This isn’t meant to be speaking for any other person, even if it might sound like it sometimes.  I like to philosophize, say stuff, and then forget what I say and move on to the next.

A bit about what I talk about in this video:

Happiness 1st and gross national happiness.

Being with those who understand.  Feeling isolated and lonely around people who don’t understand.

Ken Wilber – the concept of egocentric, ethnocentric and worldcentric.

Coherent and incoherent bits when we write or channel in altered states.

We can’t stop anyone from eating Nutella, and the atrocity of that.

How we sometimes worry about trees being cut down and the homeless people.

The sense in mania that one can save the world, is a hero and will do heroic things.

Realize you can be a hero.

The movie “Touched with Fire” about Bipolar Disorder.

Ecstatic happy mania -> hyper insightfulness.

Mania as a type of vision casting (embodiment casting).

Conversation with 5 friends so the energy has something to do.  The energy wants to be communicated.  Are you a friend?

Insight as accessing something beyond book knowledge due to ability to perceive wholes.  Another way of learning.

Living like a maniac.

What I’m here to do on this Earth and I still don’t know what it is.

Talking about other possibilities beside the medical paradigm because there is enough of that out there.

Speaking about subjective experiences and making up perspectives just for the fun of it.



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