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Published on November 18, 2017 under bipolar

Bipolar Episode 2.

In this conversation with my Bipolar self, I mention the Invisibilia Podcast that happens to be titled “The Problem with the Solution”.  It’s really well done and I would listen to all of it.  Especially if you are a supporter of someone with a mental illness label.  You can listen to it here:

They mention that there are 3 attitudes of parents that can increase the probability of relapse/re-hospitalization of a person labelled with a mental illness.  One attitude is over emotional involvement.


In my experience, it’s been helpful during the difficult times in this Bipolar journey to be around understanding strangers and where I have a clean slate.  This helps me feel less guilt grieving the loss of the me I used to be and the second layer of guilt from my parents.  If you have the opportunity to create distance from from parents with the 3 attitudes that can lead to re-hospitalization, do it.  Who wants to go back to the psych ward??

Around strangers, we have an opportunity to re-create self anew and try out different versions of ourself.  Isn’t this part of what happened in Bipolar Disorder anyway?  We experience ourselves in so many new ways that can be uncomfortable for those around us (and ourselves at times too).  By being around strangers, we can continue to try out new ways of being in subtler ways once we’ve be tranquilized.  Don’t be afraid to be consistently be someone new.  That might be the only thing consistent for us is inconsistency.  I like to be consistently inconsistent and at times relentlessly ridiculous.  In this way, I “get with” the process instead of resisting it.  Get with, don’t resist.

Blah blah blah and the disclaimer.  This is not medical advice.  Consult your doctor for medical advice.  This is lived experience subjectiveness and for “entertaining” myself purposes only.


Here is the link to Dr. Daniel Fisher’s article on Mad in America about how psychosis is a monologue called “A New Understanding of Psychosis”.

A New Understanding of “Psychosis”

Also mentioned:

Open dialogue Approach to Mental Health

Dr. Daniel Seigel and the embodied and relational mind

eCPR or Emotional CPR

J. Krishnamurti

Questions I ask myself:

Why do parents bring us to Earth for us to be what they want us to be and why do we play into trying to be what we think they want us to be?

Can I be 100% unapologetically me?

I wonder, is there a difference between trying to fix myself and being myself?  Am I trying to hard to fix myself and forgetting about being myself?

Making up Hypotheses and other bits:

Are there such things as opposites of psychosis?  What might they be?

Nature.  Play.  Laughter.  Silence.  Beauty.

Psychosis is full of thought, sound, noise.

Words arise from life but that’s not what life is.  Words are authored by life.  Word don’t author life, though they participate in making aspects of life salient.

Is the dysfunction of “mental illness” possibly another type of function.  What might that function be?

We don’t want to know the grand design.


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