Joan Crawford on Mental Health and Psychiatry – a short clip

Published on January 17, 2018 under bipolar

The last 3 months have been tough.  I’ve spent much of the time in a Bipolar depression.  When this depression happens, I watch a ton of Netflix and Youtube compared to when I find the birds and the leaves infinity more entertaining.  Turns out, I found a short clip on what Joan Crawford has to say about mental illness prevention.  If only I’d known this before I got labelled Bipolar.

What does this have to do with Joan Crawford?  Here is the back story.  It was one of those “how the heck did I start watching this” moments.  I was watching youtube and at some point it showed a Larry King interview with Kristina Crawford.  Years ago I watched the movie “Mommy Dearest” so that’s all I really knew about the whole situation (It’s really good).  I then read the comments and was surprised to see it was all hate against Kristina.  So I watched an interview of Joan Crawford to she if my experience as a mental patient might give me some kind of psycho-spidey sense and to see if I might pick something up.  If I were on the manic side, this would not be something my brain would gravitate to at all.

I watched 15 minutes of the 4 part series and stumbled upon this gem of a clip I’m sharing it just for the sake of fun.  Okay, watch the clip.  It’s about 20 seconds and even if you’re manic, you can probably manage to get thorough. 🙂

Did you watch it?

In my case, according to Joan’s theory, I supposed I don’t have “an ounce of good sense” and that’s why I was inevitably was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by a psychiatrist.  Maybe back in the day, things were simpler and an ounce of good sense and a good friend were enough to stave off the crazy.  I wish it was that simple Joan.

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