I didn’t know Doloris O’Riordan was/had Bipolar – Love Her Music Rest in Peace

Published on January 19, 2018 under bipolar

I didn’t know Doloris O’Riordan had a diagnosis of Bipolar.  I only found out after the sad news of her passing.  I was a big fan of the Cranberries growing up and still am today.

When I was a teenager, the first thing I would hear when I woke up was the hypnotic-melodic sound of Doloris O’Riorden’s voice.  I had a state of the art 5-disc CD player.  I loved the feature that I could use the monster entertainment unit as an alarm.  I set it, and it would turn on and play the first song of the disc in position one.  The first song in position one was “Hollywood” by the Cranberries on their amazing CD “To the Faithful Departed”.  If you’ve heard the song you know that it starts off quite with a single guitar playing a quiet introductory riff.  And then BOOM, the whole band starts playing DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAA, DA DA DA DA DAAAAAA and Doloris starts singing a beautifully hypnotic high note that fades in and gets louder and louder.  It only takes the first “DA” to wake me up from a deep sleep.  Each morning, as I woke up in a half asleep stupor, I reminded myself to change the position of the disc as to not wake up with way.  In the grunge era, that would be hard to find.

I reflect on this in wake of the new of Doloris O’Riordan’s tragic passing.  Being a big fan, I read a few of the stories.  I was surprised to learn that she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at some point in her life.  The news is not out yet on the cause and I just read they won’t be until April.  As she was only 46, I fear that perhaps she accidentally or intentionally ended her life, something that happens for 20%-ish people with Bipolar and that I struggle with the possibility of myself.  I also read she had attempted to end her life several years before by swallowing pills.  I’ve had several brushes with suicide and I will likely have several more so I feel for her struggles.

My favourite song by the Cranberries is “Ode to my Family” and I have it on my singing playlist of songs I like to belt out while driving.  I sing to it several times a week.  I also love the song “Joe” which they didn’t release as a single, but was one of the many blessing of an era of listening to the whole CD to find those gems that never made it to the radio.  Perhaps now people do that with the advent of Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.  I have iTunes match and not the unlimited ones so I’m not discovering those surprises.

Rest in peace Doloris.  I will listen to your music until I’m no longer living.


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