Give the Gift of Psycho-Spiritual Safety this Season

Published on December 21, 2018 under bipolar

The Holliday season brings the joys of giving gifts and spending quality time and meals with family and friends. Often we think of giving in terms of physical gifts and digital gifts. Last year at this time, I was having a major crisis and feeling like I might jump off a bridge on the way to work on night shifts. I woke up with enough rest to enjoy a quick Christmas meal even though my biological clock was all twisted around. I consider myself lucky because in years before, that same emotional state would have landed me a tray in the psych ward for Christmas. I once spent my birthday in the psych ward. I even voted for the first and only time from the psych ward because why not. I though it was funny they let a crazy person like me vote. I’ve taken many educational courses over the years since being diagnosed with bipolar 1, and I feel strongly that this has helped me become stronger and stronger through the storms.

One of my passions is to create psychological safety and psycho-spiritual safety for people in a spiritual emergency or “psychosis” go have space and time to process some of the crisis in the presence of a trained, unconditionally receptive witness. This to means not having a persons “wave function” of possibilities collapsed into the psychiatric system, unless absolutely necessary. To me, much of it depends on the “observer effect”. When emotional and spiritual chaos is unfolding, that human being is in a very vulnerable state and much of what happens depends on who’s around. Are the observers afraid and quick to pass the person off to professionals to deal with? The more people who understand other perspectives, the more context and energy of the morphogenetic field is able to hold space-time for processing accumulated past content and transmuting it. When it transforms and transmutes it finishes itself. This takes trained witnesses who understand how to hold space to witness what might otherwise provoke fear. Will you give yourself and others the gift of this understanding? What ripple effect might it create? Imagine saving one person from a life in the psychiatric system. Thank you.

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