Thinking Differently Audio Podcast

Published on October 12, 2017 under bipolar
At the 3.5 year mark of my journey after being labelled with a mental illness, Bipolar Disorder, I really started to humour the process of wondering what the heck it was all about.  The experiences…
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April 5th, 2017 Daily Insights

Published on October 4, 2017 under Insight
That language is alive and always there. Each moment is new beauty or old thought. What world do you live in? When life speaks to us, it shows us how beautiful life is. Can we…
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Perception, Gesture

Published on September 30, 2017 under Beauty
Can you spend a day moving by what catches your eye, perception instead of being moved by thought programs. Life creates words.  Words can't create life, but they destroy it.  Most words are anti life. …
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