Perception, Gesture

Published on September 30, 2017 under Beauty
Can you spend a day moving by what catches your eye, perception instead of being moved by thought programs. Life creates words.  Words can't create life, but they destroy it.  Most words are anti life. …
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March 27, 2017 Daily Insights

Published on September 27, 2017 under Insight
I've seen there possible self. The language coming out of people's eyes or hearts. Life energy turned into thought which has no basis in reality so it turns in on itself. Words can't meet life…
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March 21, 2017 Daily Insights 

Published on September 21, 2017 under brain
When the noise of the NS is quiet, there is choiceless awareness. The noise is choice. The interference pattern of noise moves us out of contact with reality. Then we are in contact with the…
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March 20, 2017 Daily Insights

Published on September 20, 2017 under Insight
Psychosis as falling in consciousness and mania as levity, like a fresh water spring. I don't see any problems. Mania and psychosis are solutions for how we've been conditioned. The conditioning is the problem. How…
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March 17, 2017 Daily Insights

Published on September 17, 2017 under consciousness
Transformational perception. We are all born with the manic map. I'm a crazy person, I can do anything. My meanings aren't the truth generally but they are the truth for me. Difference maker. Same maker.…
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