Mental Health Life Coaching and Bipolar Life Coach:


Hello peers and loved ones of peers.  I’ve often felt I could benefit by adding a “Life Coach” to my team of support.  I am just starting out so I am offering this Peer Potential Life Coaching by “gift in kind” or “pay what you can.”  Please contact me via this page and we can set up a free 15 minute Skype consultation to see if there are areas that resonate to re-discover and re-create. This is for you if you’ve had the word “bipolar” directed at you and you want to move from the trajectory of illness to a life of creativity and meaning of your own making.

I work through the experience-meaning omnidimension.
We’ve been given very limited meaning, when meaning is infinite. Our brains can be seers and creators of meaning. This is the dimension of the brain that went live when all of a sudden our life felt qualitatively different.

Now I will ask some silly questions to pretend like they might motivate you to reach out:

Have you been labelled with a mental illness but have other ways you think about your experiences?

Have you had experiences where you were saturated in the meaning of life?

Did an infinite flow of creative energy knock on your door?

Would you like to understand yourself and your experiences in new ways?

Perhaps you have already reframed your experience to be in alignment with what is meaningful to you and would like someone to have a dialogue with.

How many ways can we reframe and create meaning from extraordinary experiences in consciousness?


Why is this important?

When our brains, hearts, and nervous systems understand by discovering for ourselves, we become stronger, less fearful, and have more capacity for life to encounter us. Our own understanding then becomes available for us in actuality. The more we can actualize this, the less the brain creates fearful states because we aren’t moving in the field of understanding, which is a moment to moment process that never ends. It’s all right there in the moment, but fear and many other factors block our ability to see and make meaning. When we have this capacity, life becomes available to us.

Perhaps we’ve had intense experiences that justify fear. The more we are curious and unfold understanding, the less the nervous system reacts with fear anytime it touches something beyond what the limits of the ego allow us to perceive. If we don’t create our own understanding of this energy, someone else will tell us how to understand it and interpret ourselves. This leaves us disempowered and afraid. As we understand, the inner turmoil transmutes to action on the outer, and the brain then doesn’t create stories about the energy, but creates with the energy. Scary behaviour moves towards creative action, as the universe flows through us. The brain is asking us to discover something beyond what we believe that we are. Perhaps it’s so big, we can’t believe it, and this part of the fear.
Would you like to get reacquainted with gifts and potentials that the universe presented to you as possible?

What is of utmost importance is your own understanding, uncovered for yourself. That is what your nervous system can then make a part of it’s reality tunnel. This is self creation.

In my experience (being labelled) I connect with so much more info that I know what to do with (interpret/translate/communicate). More than what our limited ego allows. It takes time to learn that language of the more. I didn’t know what was me/you, in/out etc. It was like being birthed into a new world that I had to make sense of and map out with my brain, heart, senses, and being, moment by moment (the ego isn’t an accurate map. But when we are left mapless, with all of our senses heightened, life is completely different). I’ve found by making meaning out of some of the information, sensation and perceptions (without turning them into experiences), it began to feel less overwhelming. I’ve made my own matrix of meaning that seems to uphold space to understand things when elements of reality we take for granted get suspended and don’t makes sense. It is vastly interesting when taking a different approach, one that puts fear in the background, and curiosity and self inquiry in the foreground. What is the self anyway? It’s not something that we can know, but with a different approach, it reveals its rich mulitdimensionalness. Don’t be fooled into thinking anyone can tell you who you are or what it means to be a human being. It can be unlocked moment to moment, and our own clarity of perception is the key. We already have the key, there is nothing in particular to find. In this way, the mystery and magic may be allowed to be at play. I’d like to be a friend in your own unfolding, understanding, and creation of yourself.

Inviting brains/hearts to entangle to co-create the visions we share, upon realizing that we have been looking for the light that shines from our own hearts, through our own eyes, to allow the unmanifest to dance with our perception. Can we re-discover and re-create ourselves while asking “what is the world asking of us?”. I support people to learn the language of this other source of information, insight, that we can access with our own perception, through creative dialogue.

The web of understanding is a buffer from falling into less helpful interpretations. The psychiatric interpretation is just one interpretation. It’s a story, and a sorry one at that. Our brains have the power to interpret, to understand, thus we can create our own interpretation. No one can stop us from doing this, and no one even needs to know. We don’t need permission to create our own understanding and live by it. What we discover for ourselves holds all the power. Being told to believe stops the brain from learning for itself, and this is one of the biggest problems in life.

We must see the benefits so we don’t think the other is more beneficial. If we aren’t moving in the field of our own discoveries, we are moved by the authority of conditioned programs. Moving by programs is not moving with life. As kids, we discover, but eventually the gravity and momentum of conditioning takes over. Discovery for yourself is deconditioning as we then move in our own discoveries of the moment. This is creativity. Do you remember moving in this way when the energy moved through you?

Is it mental illness or multidimensional intelligence? Perhaps it’s a new “operating system” and we need to learn the game.

I have many questions.

Some important aspects include:

Creating safety

Reconnecting with meaning

Re-discovering gifts

Attempting to thrive

The approach is through dialogue.

This service is not a substitute for medical advice.