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Here are some resources for exploration and connecting your own dots.  All journeys are unique and resonating is key in this pathless land (I am not affiliated with any of this links at the moment).  And of course, none of this is meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This page is a work in progress so come back at some point to see if there’s something that resonates with you.  Yes, I will try to make this prettier at some point.  Right now my focus is on collecting some of the research and options that I’ve come across over the last year or so to show myself there is lots out there.  My goal is to give you as much information as possible according to what I’ve investigated.  So much so that the information drives you crazy and you see that it is information, words, thoughts, beliefs, that are driving you crazy.  That’s the method to this madness.  And I’m crazy so please don’t listen to me.

Free Resources: (at least in 2016)

Clean air:  Yes it is indeed hard to find sometimes, living in the city.  Even when I think I’ve found clean air, if I was to look at it from an airplane window, I would see it’s not as clean as it appears to be.  If I find a dense patch of nature, chances are it’s a pocket of clean air.  And this is because of the next free resource to enjoy…

Trees:  Trees produce fresh air!  I love the smell of trees.  There is a spot near my favorite health foods store that has a particulary delicious smelling tree.  It’s easy to pick out the patch of campfire smellingness amoungst the backdrop of smog.  I’m so looking forward to buying a Testla in 2017 (or whenever I have the moolah).  No more engine noise and no more smog.

Somewhere quiet and peaceful:  I live on a busy busy road so I hear vehicles all the time.  Before my brain switched to bipolar, it didn’t really bother me much.  Tons of big rig trucks come roaring, screaching, and shuttering down my road every minute of the day.  Luckily, a bridge near by has been closed or partially closed everyday.  And all of a sudden, there are next to no trucks!!!  I can hear my self not think!!!  (to discover how to not think, practice the power of now).

Mental Health Online Summits:   (Dabney Alix)   (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Psychiatrists and Other Docs/PhDs:   (Dr. Kelly Brogan – Holistic Woman’s Health Psychiatrist)   (Dr. Roger Walsh)   (Dr. Peter Breggin)   (Emma Bragdon, PhD)   (Info on Integrative Psychiatrists, if you can find one)

Naturopathic Doctors (Orthomolecular and Functional Medicine):   (Dr. Brian Davies)   (Dr. Bjorndal – She’s been through it herself)   (Dr. Klingdhart),naturopathicmedicaldoctor   (I need to look more closely at this one – looks good!)   (Integrative Mental Health Network – Cool!)  (Pfeiffer Medical Clinic)

Nutritionist:   (Eva Edelman – she knows tons and studied with Dr. Abram Hoffer.  I’ve spoken with her on the phone three times and she’s awesome)

Her book called “Bipolar Disorder: a Compendium of Nutritional Approaches” comes with a 20 minute phone consultation with her.  This book is awesome if you are interested in the nutritional side of things.

People with Lived Experience:   (Dr. Michael Cornwall – I met him at the “Revisioning Madness Conference” that he put on with David Lukoff in November 2015.  Super nice guy)   (Victoria Maxwell is cool.  I’ve met her and talked to her on the phone.  She calls herself the “bipolar princess” and I love how she has some fun with her diagnosis.  She now runs “playshops” as opposed to workshops, and facilitates fun learning experiences that stretch us with improv games and other neat stuff.  I went to her first playshop and it was lots of fun.  She travels throughout Canada and the US so maybe she’ll be visiting your city.  It’s worth checking out her one woman show about her experience with bipolar disorder too!)  (Sean Blackwell has so really innovating approaches to healing from bipolar disorder.  His youtube videos resonate with me and my experience.  What a great job he as done. He created a 20 some-odd video series on bipolar disorder and it’s definitely worth watching, and this link is to the first one.  I watched it once and it’s almost time to watch it again.  Maybe we could watch it together and discuss it?)   (Will Hall offers coaching and consulting and he seems like a nice guy.  He has a ton of training and knowlegde.  He is a real leader in the feild.  And he just has one of those faces you can trust.  I shall one day make his aquaintence.)   (Laura Delano experienced the mental health system for 14 years and later escaped it.  She is now in protest of psychiatry which might be called “anti-psychiatry”, along with quite a few others.  As valid of a perspective it might be, I am not anti-psychiatry as I choose not to channel my energy towards those efforts.  I applaude those that do but as of yet, it’s not my cup of Yerbe Mate.  I don’t feel I need to be in order to be pro change or pro revolution at this point (I attempt to use general sematics whenever I can in order to drive myself sane.  There is a book about this).  I prefer to focus on that which I am for.  I am pro laughter, smiling, fun, sponteniety, hugs, random acts of kindness, gratitude and all things that make energy flow upward, uplift and make light.  I am not anti-psychiatry but I am Auntie Annie and I am more interested in flowering as Super Auntie than that which I may be subject to at this time.  Perhaps the “mental illness” exists because I am not yet the best me that I came here to be.  I heard Sean Blackwell say bipolar disorder is “I can’t be me disorder” and it seems to me that has quite a bit of truth to it.  When I am the best me, perhaps the meds will fall away naturally without any action of will, just as no action of will got me thrown in the psych ward in the first place.  I don’t know.  I’m wondering and exploring.  Maybe I’ll never know, and I’m okay with that.  For now, I will smile at all the babies I see, and answer for them Einstein’s question, “is this a friendly universe”, without saying a word, but with a universal gesture of body language that our mirror neurons are programmed to replicate and reinforce.)   (Paris Williams is a psychologist and someone with lived experience.  I’ve read his book “Rethinking Madness” and it is quite informative.  I can do a more in depth review later.  On his website you can download a part of his book to preview.  He also has some other informative bits.  He is very investigative with his approach.  He interviews several people in his book giving a broad range of views.  One thing his book shows is that peoples views can and do change over time.  There is a “messiahnistic view of mental illness” that one person adopted and then rejected.  I am the same way.  My views don’t last very long.  I am more interested in what’s possible that adopting and protecting a particular viewpoint.  I have found that as I have done this, there is an infinite depth that we have barely scratched the surface of.  This may be because we are too busy defending our limited views.  Oh, wait I change my mind.)  Daniel Fisher is a survivor and a psychiatrist.  This guy is awesome in his explaination of psychosis as a monologue.   (Ron Unger has links for online CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Training.  He may be a useful source of knowledge I have yet to explore.  Placing him here, in this directory will serve as a use reminder when the moment is just right.  Bring it on Goldilocks.  I’m quite silly.)   (Daniel  Mackler is a filmmaker, writer and musician.  He has made several informative documentaries, a number of which I’ve watched.  I feel he is also not friends with psychiatry.  His website has many articles with different view points and perspectives.  I like to read other perspectives to find what resonates and what doesn’t.  What resonates with me lately is not consuming much of anything that other people write, excpet for J. Krishnamurti.  His writing is alive, although he is dead.  His teaching require that ones brain be activitly participating in the inquiry, not according to thought or memory.  I read most of Daniel Mackler’s book titled “Breaking from Your Parents”.  It feels quite angry upon reading but makes several great points.  Again, I am not anti-parents as that feels like a waste of energy to me.  But if you feel like having more reasons to blame your crappy parents, this is the book for you!)   (This link has a bunch of people that participate in the the International Network Towards Alternatives and Recovery or INTAR.  I’ve included this as there are so many helpful people doing different things out there and I want to to be able to find who you need.  I’m not saying talk to me, I’m saying find a person that resonates with you, a person that gets you without you needing to say too much.  On a side note, I feel like this netowork could be obsolete.  I would like to see an International Network Towards Alternatives to Recovery.  The recovery paradigm is considered to be revolutionary but I’d like to see it go the way of the Dodo bird, instead of the Dodo bird.  Recovery towards what?  Being a functional cog is this disfunctional machine we call consensus reality?  No spank you.  Let’s talk about alternative perspectives besides “I broke and now I need you to fix me so I can participate in all that broke me down”.  It may be more productive to not participate in the destructive and stay here and stare at the dancing insects on my coconut.)  (This lady, Julie as she calls herself, seems to have some practical tools, processes and coaching, although I have not consumed her services.  I do eat paper though.  Not her paper.  This might be worth a gander.  I did peruse it at one point and thought it was worth noting.  I will let you know if I investigate further.  Woot!)  (This page has a long list of potential allies for you from all walks of life and areas on the map of madness.  The website has great articles.  Maybe one day you will be one of their writers.  Have you found your voice?  I might try to write for them one day.  But then I won’t be able to say poop.  Hmmmmm.)   (Alternatives to Psychiatry – this lady Monica Cassani, knows what she’s talking about.  She has been off of psych meds for 6 years.  Her website is very visually appealing and full of great information.)

Craig Wanger just published a pretty comprehensive book called “Choices in Recovery” in response to having so many family members afflicted with mental health concerns.  Lots of good stuff in here.  I’m reading it and learning and loving it!

Nutrition:  These people help you taper off meds and they are in 70+ countries.  (Dr. Alberto Villido is a shamanic practitioner.  Although I don’t know much about the ins and outs of shamanism, I do know that his book “One Spirit Medicine” is a gem.  It helps me immensely.  I followed his recommendations in the book and I completely stopped craving sugar and no longer felt like I was a slave to my stomach.  And there were many points in the book I’d never read anywhere else.  I think his program is somewhat paleo, but tweaked.  I went to see him talk once and he gave some great information.  He said “nature selects for wisdom”.  Brilliant).  For a comprehensive, up to date, trustworthy resource on the GAPS diet, check out this link: (My colon hydrotherapist is a “GAPS Diet” practitioner and I have the big yellow book on it.  I did read over the GAPS diet list of allowed foods and foods to avoid to modify my diet slightly with things to keep in mind when practicing the “one spirit medicine” protocol.  There really is something to keeping those bacterial critters happy in the poop chute.  Lately I have upped my cruciferous veggies, cooked in turmeric.  I have some healthy excrement.  I’ve also noticed whenever I go into psychosis, I have loose stool.  I also use a stool stool, the squatty potty.  This makes the best Christmas gift.  Ooo I’m totally going to give it as a wedding gift.  They also have a 9″ model which is for people with shorter leggies.  And so you know, if I sell you anything, it’s good shit.)  Here’s a bit more information on GAPS from another website.  (It’s all about the orthomolecular baby.  Orthomolecular means “right molecule”.  Andrew Saul is all up on this stuff.  I took his megavitamin course.  Lots of interesting stuff.  Another piece of the puzzle and I love the puzzle of life.  Especially this extra strange puzzle of bipolar disorder.  It’s fun to figure out, except when it’s not.  Here is the summary page on Bipolar Disorder in particular.)  (The Brain Bio Centre is located somewhere in the UK, though I do believe the help people remotely.  They have naturopaths and all sorts of fancy tests for your biopsychopsysiological explorations.  Looks like it might be a great resource for somebody on the other side of the planet.)

Dr. Perlmutter is a neurologist who talks about how we can change our brains through nutrition and neuroplasticity.  His book “Brain Maker” is on my list of to-reads.

The Adrenochrome Hypothesis  (The people at Micronutrient Support are trained to assist with a medication reduction program.  Obviously alway consult and work with your doctor on this.  They do sell you vitamins or “micronutrients” though so if you are turned off by people trying to sell you stuff, you’d better steer clear.  Turns out, nutrition is good for the body!  Here is the information page.  They might be just right for the seriously self loving and self responsible type.  Just sharing information here.)  (Patrick Holford has written some books such as “The New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind” and I’ve read it.  Super comprehensive but rather thick.  He also has a book on the “Low GL Diet”, as in “glycemic load”.  Haha load, funny word.  His website has an online membership program called the 100% Health Membership Program.  I am not affliated.  I’m sharing so that you might find a sensation of resonation with some of these mighty healers.)

Can gut bacteria manipulate the human brain?  Have a read and decide for yourself.  There is a lot to this and other Microbiome research goin on.  Remember that word, Microbiome.  You will now see it again within 30 days if you send this website to 162 people in the next 88 seconds.  That will prove to you that the world is magical!!  You’re welcome.

This is the alpha and omega of omega 3’s from fish oil article ever.  They say that fish oil can do something or other to psychosis or something like that which I wont say.  Click here to learn more about fish oil and psychosis.  There is a video clip worth watching on the page.  I’m currently vegetarian but this article convinced me to nutrate with fish oil.  Anything to prevent me from becoming a vegatable.

Patrick Holford tells you all about homocystiene in this article.  There is also a link to order a home test for home cysteine.  It is an important indicator for health and possibly bipolar disorder.  I had my level checked once and it was quite high.  I asked for the test again and my doctor said they no longer do it.  Consult and naturopath or holistic nutritionist for further deets.  I’ll check it out when I see my naturopathic doc.)

Dr. Marty Hinzs’ paper on “Relative Nutritional Deficiencies” is super fascinating!!  I can pretend to sum it up by saying that taking medications or supplements can cause imbalances in the biochemistry such that it makes it very difficult to come of medications without taking the correction of these imbalances into consideration.  This link has a chart with all the conditions that might be implicated in this.  He does testing and such or you can contact him to find a practitioner that uses his methods.

I like this page on “grow youthful” so I’ve included it here.  It talks about factors in depression and other mental ailments and a few hints towards wellness.  Perhaps worth a gander.

The “Eating Alive” program by Dr. John Matsen saved my life 10 years ago.  The nutritional philosophy is quite unique.  You can read all about it in his fun book “Eathing Alive 2”.  He is all about strengthening the illeoceacal valve and ridding the body of candida in a gentle way.  No heavy lifting required.   (The possible importance of Lecithin and Choline are my key take aways from this page by Peter Smith with his pretty infographics.  I like learning about biochemicals.  I am biochemicals learning about biochemicals.  Haha.  That might just be profound.)  (Oh man this one is the best!  For $149 I could stick glutathione suppositories up my a**.  And I totally would if the price was in Canadian dollars and there was free shipping.  If you would find it amusing for me to make a video about sticking glutathione suppositories up my butt for 30 days please make a donation.  The 30 day challenge…my butt is in your hands.)

Now I don’t think Dr. Mercola would recommend poop chute glute.  He says it’s best to consume his Miracle Whey product inorder to make glutathione and here are all the reasons why.  I did indeed buy his whey product and it is as scrumptous as he makes it out to be.  Yes whey!  My favorite flavor is nutrtition.   (Diet Style and Life Hacks of the Bullet Proof lifestyle.  I don’t think that claim has actually been substantiated due to a problem with ethics and science.  This website has some great stuff.  I would spend more time on it if I had more time, even though you and I have the same amount of hours in a day.  Choose wisely.)

Here is another wonder nutritional product from Hardy Nutritionals.  Haven’t tried it but it looks hardy.  Hardy har har.   (Adaptogens are cool.  Adaptogens help you adapt.  Kind of like pharmaceuticals, but without the toxic side effects.  That’s not to say pharmaceutical are bad.  They have indeed helped me adapt to this chaotic world.  Along with my SAD light, difuser, Sunshine wake up alarm clock, grounding mat, earthing bed sheet, color therapy glasses, crystals and sparkly rocks, tarot cards, alter, sage, insense, candles etc etc.  This is sensory modulation at it’s finest.)

If you want to explore yet another philosophy or hypothesis of the factors of the biological part of illness, including mental illness, then read this paper on “relative nutritional defficiences”.  My brain loves this one.  And the author, Dr. Marty Hinz does some consulting on the process of testing and supplementation he uses.  I would do this if I had the bling bling as it seems very sound and I like the sound of that, and my sound therapy.  I emailed him once and he is a nice man.  Remember, this isn’t THE way or the only way.  It is a way and each of us must find our own.)   (Boost your Mood – I’ve never tried this yet, but I have tried many things, and this looks pretty cool so I thought I’d share as we are all so different in what resonates with us, and similar in our common humanity.)

Food:  (High quality nuts, seeds, and dried fruit etc in different bulk or not so bulk amounts.   They have raw chocolate too!  Their soaked and sprouted walnuts taste buttery and melt in your mouth.  Great if you decide to give paleo a go.  They source the best stuff they can find.  I trust these guys as everything has always tasted so good!  I am not affliated with them except by gratitude and holographic love.)  (Paleo food bar)  This one of the only food bars that is actually food.  I know the maker and the manufacturer.  They are 95% organic, raw (dehydrated), gluten free, dairy free, soy free, lots of fiber, no added sugar except a tiny bit of coconut sap that is full of bioavailable minerals.  They are a great meal replacement and the perfect choice if you want to have actual food on the go.  There is only 6g of sugar per bar!  My next favorite bar (based on taste) has 14g of sugar and it’s half the size.  If you are doing paleo or watching your sugar intake because of how spikes and drops in blood sugar can imitate and/exacerbate mental health stuff, these are the best.  I will warn you, people who eat health foods think they taste great.  If you tend to eat mostly sweet stuff or processed stuff, they might taste like you are eating grass mixed with dry dog food.  I personally think they tast great.  They taste like health and nutrients.  And that is my favorite flavor as I know I will be feeling good for many hours as a result.  I will have the fuel to do what I want to do.  (Paleo and Ketogenic counter – has an app too)  This food tracker is super great.  Lately I have been too lazy to use it.  It is more tailored towards paleo, ketogenic, and other atypical diet-styles.  The online version is more detailed than the app.  There is a free version and a paid with more features.

Eggs.  Love ’em or hate ’em.  I used to abstain but now I ate ’em.  That’s my rhyme.  I recently went to my orthomolecular naturopathic doc, and he said my genetic say I need lots of choline.  Turns out, eggs have lots of choline.  I didn’t eat eggs for many many years, mostly because I was not a fan and partly because I went on and off of “practicing veganism”.  I say “practicing veganism” because to me “I am a vegan” is too permanent, and anything can change.  I am open to new things and old things to come back.  Life is a flux of change and not a linear progression foward.  Having a bipolar brain, I know that very well.  So, I’m not for or egg-ainst them 😉

Vitamins:  This website has a great selection, good prices, and free shipping if you order over $79, which is easy to do, if you’re a vitamin nut like me.  I have ordered from them many times and only had a mistake once, which they very quickly remedied in a no-hassle way.   (Andrew Saul – He is the megavitamin man.  I took a megavitamin online course with him and it was very good.  I love learning about nutrition and physiology.  He is the guy talking in lots of the health documentaries that mentions vitamin C, orthomolecular, and other big words we’ve now come to know and love.)  (I don’t know much about Dr. Hans Nieper but I do have some of his brand of Lithium Orotate sitting in my cupboard (I’m still under the common belief system that I need Lithium Carbonate.  I will be working on this with my naturopath at some point).  Dr. Nieper talks about how his supplements have an “electronic nutrient delivery system”.  So I just couldn’t resist but share it for the physiology nerd wannabees like myself.)   (Vitamin Injectables – for those who may need them.  Consult your doctor first, as with anything else anywhere ever.  Take responsibility for yourself dammit!  🙂 Just kidding, I’m being silly but it doesn’t translate well over text.)

Food Allergy Testing:  (Very comprehensive food allergy test and it’s tailored to test for foods that can cause inflammation to the brain, which can be a factor in mental health challenges.  It tests for more things than the standard test done by a naturopath.  You can order it and do it at home.  It may be more expensive, but if you factor in the 2-3 naturopath visits you would need with the less impressive test, it may not be that much different.)

Pooping:  (I use the Squatty Potty, see it here on Amazon.  It’s the best thing since pooping in a hole in the ground.  When I travel, it’s difficult to poop because I don’t have my poop stool.  Perhaps I’ll devote the rest of my life to creating a travel poop stool.  And this poop stool is a big hit as a Christmas gift.  I got one for my sister and my brother.  My sister then bought a second one for the downstairs bathroom.  My brothers wife’s sister was over and she must have tried it because she bought one for herself.  So next time you are stuck for a Christmas gift, you can wish someone happy crapping ever after.)  (Don’t quote me on this, quote the website, butt (haha) it seems that putting hydrogen peroxide up the pooper it another way to take in oxygen.  So if your tired of those breathing exercises and want to be a shit disturber, you might want to try this.)  (More common is the coffee enema.  Whenever someone asks how I take my coffee I say, in my ass.  I get some strange looks.  At time people run. This is one of my favorite past times for sure.)

I’ve also gone to see a professional colon hydrotherapist.  There are also places that are self serve.

Pyrroluria Testing and Other Lab Testing:  (I live in Canada and I called these guys up and they told me exactly what I needed to do in order to get myself tested for pyroluria or pyrrole disorder.  They send me the test kit.  I peed in the thing and froze it over night.  The next morning I headed over the boarder to the nearest lab that would do the blood draw.  Then I sent the frozen pee sample in a pre paid fedex pack to the pyroluria testing people.  They sent my results to me and I talked to Eva Edelman, the nutritionist from Borage Books about the results.  Remember, she wrote a big book on a bunch of nutritional factors related to Bipolar Disorder that combines research from Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. William Walsh, and all those people that know a bunch about this.  The most interesting is the concepts of the 4 biotypes of bipolar disorder.  Consult your local or not so local experts for more details.  And it’s important to consider your unique overall body biochemistry.  That’s what I did.  I went to my Naturopathic Doctor specializing in orthomolecular medicine. )  (This article talks about pyroluria and candida often occuring together and being big big trouble makers when it comes to health.  It has lots of good information. I eat a vegetarian paleo diet to keep candida under control as they eat sugar.  After 3 days of eating paleo, I no longer craved sugar as most of the yeast were gonzo.  The yeast are what made me crave sugar.  The problem with yeast is they create a toxic overload.  According to Dr. Mercola’s website, “there are 79 different toxins released by the metabolism and die-off of Candida. This is why people with yeast overgrowth often feel so lousy.”)   (Organic Acids Test – I haven’t had this test yet as my naturopath said it’s best to be done when I’m under stress.)   (DNA Testing – at first I thought that the most valuabe information I was going to get out of this test was that I have a greater likelihood of having liquid earwax and that I don’t have red hair.  Turns out by running the raw data of my DNA through two other websites, I got a “methylation profile” which is important for gene expression and some other profile I can’t remember.  My naturopath was then able to give me recommendations unique and specific considering my genetics and what research has come up with so far with regards to the SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and Bipolar Disorder.  Turns out, I’ve been taking the wrong kind of B12 for me.  I was taking the most common type is methycobalamin in rather large quantities.  The DNA testing I did showed that I am better off taking hydroxy B12.  Now this is specific for me.  Who knows what your test would show.  I am impressed with the information I got from this test, combined with the knowledge of my naturopath.  I had fun getting acquainted with some of my DNA sequence.  I had a slight delusion I was going to find out that I was born a hermaphodite.  Actually, that would have explained a few things.  Too bad.)

Complementary Wellness:   (Holotropic Breathwork is a type of healing therapy.  Sean Blackwell of Bipolar Awakenings does private healing retreats using this modality as his main form of therapy.  I spoke to him on the phone and he said there is some success with healing stuff without having to go off medication first.  If you have money and are looking for a resolution, you can book a consult with him for small fee.  I talked to him and if my forray into hypnotherapy doesn’t get rid of some of my trauma and distress, I may just save my nickels to breathe it out with the best.)

Note to self, this lady also does breathwork.

If you have yet to hear about Earthing or Grounding, it’s about connecting to the Earth with skin-on-dirt or skin-on-grass contact.  The electrons that the body absorbs are beneficial to the body and can be used as antioxidants.  We are connecting to the Earth less and less to the point where we are all experiencing nature deficit disorder.  I read an article in Common Ground magazine that “the average Canadian kid spends over 6 hours a day glued to a screen and 8 minutes a day outside”.  That’s shocking.  I read another article in Common Ground written by David Suzuki that said that “adding 10 trees to a block can produce health benefits equivalent to a $10000 salary raise or being seven years younger”.  I’m pretty sure at least 10 trees have disappeared from my block in the last 5 years.   I want my $10000 back!  But of course one can buy Earthing products that artificially connect us to the Earths grounding energy.  I personally have the Earthing bed sheet, Earthing mat that I put under my laptop so that my wrists make contact, and I think that’s it for now.   (Bowen Therapy.  I did three session of this with Dr. Manon Bolliger.  Wow it really help calm my nervous system down and heal some trauma.  Dr. Bolliger is offering online courses that teach people about Bowen and how to do some of the manuvers on oneself or others for stress reduction.  She’s definitely a cool lady.)  (NAET.  According to the book the Natural Medicine Guide for Bipolar Disorder, some people with bipolar experience relief by eliminating allergies in this way.)   (TRE – Tension-Stress-Trauma-Release)

Recovery and Advocacy:

Have you ever heard of the “Wellness Recovery Action Plan”?  Well, if you haven’t, the website will explain everything you need to know.  Mental health services in my area holds WRAP classes for people with lived experience to create their own plans.  I have a plan, which has be revised and revised, with each hospitalization.  Each time I “fail”, I learn to take care of myself better.  I have the WRAP app so I always have it with me.  It cost $6 but it was a worth while investment.  The WRAP plan isn’t foolproof though it’s a good framework to keep track of what keeps me well, when I may be starting to go south, and how to keep myself safe in an emergency.  This is an oversimplified summary.  International Network Towards Alternatives and Recovery  The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis   (Search Canadian Recovery Resources etc)

Vancouver Mental Health Advocacy:  Vancouver Unitarian Church does lots of stuff around mental health  Motivation Power Achievement Society  Non profit mental health advocacy  West Coast Mental Health Network – A Peer Run Non Profit Organization  Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries  Spotlight on Mental Health

Facebook Groups and Online Communities:  (Pyroluria facebook group)

Online support community for Bipolar Disorder.  Earn eBadges – SCORE!  I used to use this, it’s pretty good.

Peer Support Links:  Dude this “Recovery Learning Community”  is awesome!  I want to create one.  A Peer Respite in Winnipeg.  Let’s create more of these.   Peer Support Resources and evidence  Peer led workshops in mental health and addiction  Centre of Excellence in Peer Support  More evidence for Peer Support  Intentional Peer Support  National Empowerment Center  Global Peer Support Celebration Day October 20, 2016   (New Hampshire is Ahead of the Game)   (Stepping Stone & Next Step Peer Support and Crisis Respite.  Peer Respite Centers in New Hampshire)   (More Peer Respite in yup, New Hampshire)   (Making a Case for Peer Support)   Articles on Peer Respites (I would love to see more of these – just putting it out there)  Get involved in Revisioning Mental Health!

Strength Based Stuff:  Take the free VIA survey to discover your character strengths.

HeartMath Institute Tools.  Some of these are really cool.

Let It Ripple Character Day is September 22th

A worksheet from the Depression and Bipolar Alliance about wellness.

Spiritual Emergency and Kundalini Awakening:

Movements:   (Contribute Your Writing)   (Contribute Your Art)   (Health Action Network Society)

Lithium Information:

What food’s contain lithium?  (This is not very interesting but something to keep in mind.)

So they want to add lithium to the drinking water. Interesting?!  (Maybe they tried to sell it to us instead in “Happy Water”?)

An article on how lithium builds gray matter in bipolar brains.  (For your interest in case you’re interested.)  (Beware of controversy.  Proceed with caution.  Here are the FAQs and he does a free short consult.)

Spiritual Dudes:  and (Jiddu Krishnamurti – My Personal Favourite.  At first he seems a bit dry.  But once my brain clicked on to him, my eyes have been opened.  Perhaps a little too much.)   (Dhyan Vimal.  Free 90 Day Video Reflection Series – very helpful)

Awakenings NOT labelled Mental Illness:

Learning and Courses:   (David Lukoff, PhD)   (Integrative Mental Health University)  (Emotional CPR)  (Mental Health First Aid)

Dr. Dan Siegel’s Mindsight website and Wheel of Awareness.  I will take the Mindsight training one day because Dr. Dan is a genius.  I’ve read his “Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology”, or most of it, as this book could only fit in the pocket of the Green Giant!

David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification Training  (Lightworker/Embodiment Training)  (Dr. Peter Breggin)  (Intentional Peer Support by Sherry Mead)  (Dr. Kelly Brogan – Integrative Psychiatrist)   (Raw Vegan Dan McDonald)   (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Self Help)   (Online DBT “Dialetical Behavioral Therapy” Courses)   (School in Big Sur California read more at   (Relative Nutritional Deficiency Training – by Dr. Marty Hinz)   (Become a Wellpeople Coach)   (Clown College might be the best option – world needs more clowns)   (Become a PeerZone Facilitator)   (California Institute of Integral Studies)   (The Institute of Noetic Sciences)   (Dr. Manon Bolliger)  (Neuroplasticity Exercises)

Happy stuff:

This is a classic article on 12 things happy people do differently.

Article called “Hugs, the ultimate vaccine” that talks about hugs and the hormone oxytocin.  I love oxytocin.  I am studying it in some detail as it could be the antidote.  Muhahahaha!!

This article from Tinybudha talks about 51 ways to feel happy in 5 mintues.

Writing to reframe your life story may help create a happy ending.  I’m in the process of writing my life story as a super hero.  Then, it just may manifest.

The soul-expanding benefits of melancholy.  I like this article.

Why making predictions about your day will improve your outlook.  If nothing else, this could be a fun game.   (Do Something for Others and Feel a Bit Better)

Laughter and Play:   (John Oliver on Mental Illness – Funny to Me)

Posture:   (Exercise)


Article and Interesting Reads:  (Infographic about the Surprising Truth of Left and Right Brain)   (Neuroplasticity Infographic)  (Plato’s Republic)   (Long)   (David Lukoff, PhD)   (Problems with the DSM)   (The Sun and Vitamin D)  (Bipolar or Gifted?)   (Watch out for Love in Mania)  (Bullet Proof)   (Quick ways to Calm Down)   (The Nocebo Effect)   (Relaxation Techniques)   (List of Words that Contain ‘Mental’)   (Who are You?)   (Agnew’s Study)   (Questioning Meds)   (Socratic Questions)   (Bipolar and Stem Cells) (The Alchemy of Telling Your Story by Dabney Alix)   (Oshos Awakening)   (We Are Mesmerized by Authority)


Watch and Listen:  (Lou Corona’s 4 Principles)  (The True Hope Story Part 1)  (Beautiful Minds Radio – Destigmatizing Mental Ilness)   (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)   (Holy Harmony Relaxing Audio)   (The Problem of Perception)

Consciousness:  (Peter Russell is cool)   (What the Bleep Do We Know)   (Ken Wilber)  (Bruce Lipton wrote the book the Biology of Belief)

Biocentrism: A Consciousness-Centric View of the Universe  (Magical Record)   (The Art of Alex Grey)  (Attractor Patterns and Morphogenetic Fields)   (Free Chakra Test)  (Eight-Curcuit Model of Consciousness)   (Optical Illusions)   (David Bohm)

Shamanic View:

Wellness Tool Gadgets:  (Tuning Forks)  (I do have this love tuner “love whistle”.  I read somewhere that the frequency of love, 528 Hz, heals damaged DNA.  I doubt this has been proven so at least it’s a wonderful placebo, which may be how all healing works anyway according to Joe Depenza’s book “You Are the Placebo”.)  (I want a vocal booth too so I can sing at the top of my lungs and spare all the ears around me.  Maybe I can make on myself.  I read today that singing stimulates the vagus nerve which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is needed for relaxation.  I’ve learn that my adrenal glands are fried so I need to relax in order for them to heal.  I’m going to sing my adrenals back to life.  Perhaps I should write a specific intentional jingle for those little glands…I can hear it already.  Stay tuned.)   (Intranasal Light Therapy.  I’ve stuck one of these things up my nose once.  It was cool.  It’s supposed to shine light right on the blood cells or something like that.  I may one day purchase one so here is the link if you have the means to purchase rediculous luxurious health products, my fav!)

Watch Free Documentaries:  (This site has a zillion documentaries you can watch for free.  They’ve got some good ones.)


A New Education Model For Humanity [re-post]   (Changing the Health System toward Sustainability)   (Kickstarter – an Example of a Public Benefit Corporation)

Help Women and the Homeless:   (Elizabeth Fry Society)   (Restoring Dignity to the Homeless)   (A Safe House for Women is Needed)